The Reiki Connection


As many of you know, when you are initiated into Reiki Level II you learn three Sacred Reiki Symbols and how to use them. One of these symbols, as fantastic as it sounds, allows you to send Reiki across time and space. I like to think of it as sending a healing prayer.

The Reiki Connection began in November of 2009 as a network of people trained in Level II Reiki, specifically the Distant Healing Technique. Our purpose is to send Reiki, when requested, to people, animals, situations, etc. whenever Reiki’s Healing Energy is needed. It works like this, if you have a request or someone you know requests Reiki you can email me and I will contact via email everyone on The Reiki Connection list asking them to send Reiki to your specific request. In doing so a magnified amount of healing energy is received.

Over the past few years we have responded to numerous requests from all around the world. We have sent Reiki to newborn babies, to people and animals who are ill, to the dying, to weddings, to school exams, to job applications and natural disasters. Sending any time Reiki’s healing energy is needed.

Many Reiki Thanks to all of you who participate in The Reiki Connection !!!!

Reiki requests anyone?