Reiki Doesn’t Always Feel Good

IMG_8596Recently I was reminded that receiving Reiki doesn’t always feel good. We usually describe Reiki as a relaxing therapy that can relieve stress and anxiety bringing a sense of peace and tranquility. This is not always the case.

I was asked to visit a woman in the hospital to give her Reiki. She was in a special room set up for hospice patients and was near the end of her life. It was expected that Reiki would help her relax and bring some peace to her final days.  She was a lovely lady. We talked and got to know each other a little bit before I started her Reiki treatment. After a while I noticed she was getting fidgety. It seemed like she couldn’t get comfortable. I asked her about this, she said she was feeling restless and a bit anxious. Some may ask “how could this be, you were doing Reiki. Reiki is supposed to feel good”?

Reiki will sometimes stir up things and bring them to the surface to be released. It doesn’t always feel nice when it happens. It could of been an issue with a family member that needed to be resolved, an old thought pattern or belief that needed to go or even an acceptance that needed to settle in. No matter what it was I totally trusted that the Reiki was giving her just what she needed at that moment.

I am often asked by my students “what do we do when this happens”. I will suggest they step away from the table and give the person a few minutes or move their hands to a different position and see if that helps or even to bring the session to an end  with the understanding the person will come back in a few days. How ever they choose to handle it I stress they do so with love and compassion, for what is Reiki but love and compassion!

The woman I spoke of earlier passed a few days after our Reiki session. She was relaxed and at peace surrounded by her loved ones.