Imagine You Are A Radio


Getting rid of the static or “Can you hear me now”?

The Reiki Attunement seems to be that mysterious little ceremony in which you don’t quite know what to expect. Even after an explanation you can still be left wondering. In the dictionary we are told the word attuned (verb -be attuned) has the meaning, to make receptive or aware also to make harmonious. I like to keep things simple, so let me explain it this way. Imagine you (the Reiki student) are a radio. You are “on” and all we can hear is static. Someone comes along (the Reiki Master/Teacher) and starts to tune in the channel for better reception. You can also think of it this way, imagine you are a cell phone. You are trying to make a call and only have one bar. You move around to different spots and then finally get five bars. Perfect reception! This is what happens during a Reiki Attunement. The Reiki Master, using symbols and the breath enables you to be more receptive to the Reiki Energy. The energy in your body is literally changed and becomes more harmonious with the Reiki energy.

Students usually ask, “Can’t I channel Universal Life Force Energy anyway? Why do I need an attunement?” I answer this way. “We all probably to some extent do channel Universal Life Force Energy. What the attunement does is get rid of the static, in doing so the Reiki Energy can flow more freely through you.” A great way to get rid of the static is to do Reiki often. Remember the “Chocolate milkshake”? Every time you give Reiki you get Reiki. The more Reiki Energy you have flowing through you the more attuned you become.

Simply do Reiki and “get rid of the static”.



Gassho is a Japanese word meaning “two hands coming together”. Sensei Usui taught us to meditate in this way – with our hands together, fingers touching in front of our heart and with closed eyes we focus our attention on our middle finger. He instructs us to do Gassho Meditation every morning and evening for 15 to 30 minutes.

When I meditate in this way I feel centered and balanced with a beautiful flowing Reiki energy of peace and tranquility connecting my heart with my hands.  I also use this posture before I begin a Reiki session. With my hands in Gassho I ask Reiki to bless my hands and heart and to make them instruments of healing love and that the person about to receive Reiki will find it’s love, comfort and healing.

This is the gesture of Gassho, a gesture of prayer, greeting, gratitude and reverence.

I hope you will decide to practice Sensei Usui’s Gassho Meditation and that you come to feel Reiki’s loving presence in your heart and hands and in turn be compelled to share that presence with others.

Reiki Healing or The Muddy Stream

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Dr Hyashi a disciple of Mikaio Usui  (the founder of  the Usui Method of Natural Healing, Reiki) used the metaphor of  “the muddy stream” to explain how Reiki sets in motion the body’s natural healing process.

He explained that just as the sediment will surface in a stream when it is disturbed making the waters muddy, Reiki will stir up stagnant energy in the body bringing it to the surface to be released. Often times this results in a healing reaction or symptoms temporarily getting worse.  Over time continuing to bring sediment to the surface and removing it will result in a crystal clear stream. So too with Reiki, as the stagnant energy is removed the body’s energy becomes clearer and clearer. Healing takes place.