The Universe is a Chocolate Milkshake

samantha and benedict are happyto announce that they are now

You may have heard of the Reiki truth When you give a treatment you get a treatment”. This concept was introduced to me during my Reiki Level I training by my Reiki Master and Teacher Kathleen Wilk. It was explained in this way. Imagine the Universe is a huge chocolate milk shake and you are a straw. You are giving a Reiki treatment. The person receiving the treatment is drinking the chocolate milkshake. As they draw through the straw the straw is getting coated with the delicious shake. In the same way, as you give someone a Reiki treatment the Reiki energy is flowing from the universe (the milk shake) through you (the straw) to the one receiving the Reiki. You are getting coated with healing Reiki energy. Thus, when you give a treatment you get a treatment!

I am often times asked “aren’t you tired after giving a Reiki treatment ?” My response is “No, it’s quite the opposite,I feel great!” I believe it is this coating of the Reiki Energy which fills me with renewed energy, heightened senses and a sense of wonder and joy at what is all around me.

How could we extend this idea of giving and receiving beyond our Reiki sessions and into our daily lives?  How much more enriched our lives and the lives of others could be!   As we seek balance in our lives lets not forget the universal truth “Give and you shall receive”.

REIKI CHALLENGE: Every day for one week give something. This could be a smile, giving up your place in a long line, a donation to a charity, volunteering your time, Reiki, a prayer. You get the idea. Then be open to and aware of receiving in return.

What have you given? What have you received? How has it made you feel? As you enrich the lives of others has your life been enriched in any way?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.