Imagine You Are A Radio


Getting rid of the static or “Can you hear me now”?

The Reiki Attunement seems to be that mysterious little ceremony in which you don’t quite know what to expect. Even after an explanation you can still be left wondering. In the dictionary we are told the word attuned (verb -be attuned) has the meaning, to make receptive or aware also to make harmonious. I like to keep things simple, so let me explain it this way. Imagine you (the Reiki student) are a radio. You are “on” and all we can hear is static. Someone comes along (the Reiki Master/Teacher) and starts to tune in the channel for better reception. You can also think of it this way, imagine you are a cell phone. You are trying to make a call and only have one bar. You move around to different spots and then finally get five bars. Perfect reception! This is what happens during a Reiki Attunement. The Reiki Master, using symbols and the breath enables you to be more receptive to the Reiki Energy. The energy in your body is literally changed and becomes more harmonious with the Reiki energy.

Students usually ask, “Can’t I channel Universal Life Force Energy anyway? Why do I need an attunement?” I answer this way. “We all probably to some extent do channel Universal Life Force Energy. What the attunement does is get rid of the static, in doing so the Reiki Energy can flow more freely through you.” A great way to get rid of the static is to do Reiki often. Remember the “Chocolate milkshake”? Every time you give Reiki you get Reiki. The more Reiki Energy you have flowing through you the more attuned you become.

Simply do Reiki and “get rid of the static”.

Reiki Doesn’t Always Feel Good

IMG_8596Recently I was reminded that receiving Reiki doesn’t always feel good. We usually describe Reiki as a relaxing therapy that can relieve stress and anxiety bringing a sense of peace and tranquility. This is not always the case.

I was asked to visit a woman in the hospital to give her Reiki. She was in a special room set up for hospice patients and was near the end of her life. It was expected that Reiki would help her relax and bring some peace to her final days.  She was a lovely lady. We talked and got to know each other a little bit before I started her Reiki treatment. After a while I noticed she was getting fidgety. It seemed like she couldn’t get comfortable. I asked her about this, she said she was feeling restless and a bit anxious. Some may ask “how could this be, you were doing Reiki. Reiki is supposed to feel good”?

Reiki will sometimes stir up things and bring them to the surface to be released. It doesn’t always feel nice when it happens. It could of been an issue with a family member that needed to be resolved, an old thought pattern or belief that needed to go or even an acceptance that needed to settle in. No matter what it was I totally trusted that the Reiki was giving her just what she needed at that moment.

I am often asked by my students “what do we do when this happens”. I will suggest they step away from the table and give the person a few minutes or move their hands to a different position and see if that helps or even to bring the session to an end  with the understanding the person will come back in a few days. How ever they choose to handle it I stress they do so with love and compassion, for what is Reiki but love and compassion!

The woman I spoke of earlier passed a few days after our Reiki session. She was relaxed and at peace surrounded by her loved ones.





Gassho is a Japanese word meaning “two hands coming together”. Sensei Usui taught us to meditate in this way – with our hands together, fingers touching in front of our heart and with closed eyes we focus our attention on our middle finger. He instructs us to do Gassho Meditation every morning and evening for 15 to 30 minutes.

When I meditate in this way I feel centered and balanced with a beautiful flowing Reiki energy of peace and tranquility connecting my heart with my hands.  I also use this posture before I begin a Reiki session. With my hands in Gassho I ask Reiki to bless my hands and heart and to make them instruments of healing love and that the person about to receive Reiki will find it’s love, comfort and healing.

This is the gesture of Gassho, a gesture of prayer, greeting, gratitude and reverence.

I hope you will decide to practice Sensei Usui’s Gassho Meditation and that you come to feel Reiki’s loving presence in your heart and hands and in turn be compelled to share that presence with others.

Is the Universe Speaking?


“The Universe is speaking to you!” We hear this statement a lot these days. But, does it really speak? What is it saying and are we listening? I’ve found that it seems to be speaking to me quite a bit lately. I’ve started recording it’s most recent message in these photos and it is loud and clear, “Simply LOVE!”

I do believe the Universe speaks to us and in a number of different ways. Often times for me it is through Nature, repetition, and synchronicities. Dreams can be another voice of the Universe. I think if we pay attention we will realize the Universe is constantly trying to engage us in conversation. How much richer, interesting and exciting our lives could be if  we would learn it’s language and simply listen. (see my blog post “Are You Listening” February 25, 2018).

Lately Saint Francis of Assisi has been coming up in a number of random places and ways. It’s speaking to me again! What is it saying? I think I’ll just sit back, be open and let the message unfold.

Oh yes, and “Don’t forget to smile!”


How does the Universe speak to you? Have you been listening? What is it saying to you?


Happy Birthday Dr. Usui

Untitled design

Dr. Usui was born on August 15th,1865 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Much of what we know of Dr. Usui as a person comes from the inscription on his memorial stone where he is described as a man of  great virtue and merit.

It is with deep gratitude I celebrate Dr. Usui’s birthday today. I plan on sending him lots of Reiki. I hope you will join me.

For more of the inscription on Dr. Usui’s memorial stone see my Blog entry “Who is Mikao Usui” January 23, 2018.

The Universe is a Chocolate Milkshake

samantha and benedict are happyto announce that they are now

You may have heard of the Reiki truth When you give a treatment you get a treatment”. This concept was introduced to me during my Reiki Level I training by my Reiki Master and Teacher Kathleen Wilk. It was explained in this way. Imagine the Universe is a huge chocolate milk shake and you are a straw. You are giving a Reiki treatment. The person receiving the treatment is drinking the chocolate milkshake. As they draw through the straw the straw is getting coated with the delicious shake. In the same way, as you give someone a Reiki treatment the Reiki energy is flowing from the universe (the milk shake) through you (the straw) to the one receiving the Reiki. You are getting coated with healing Reiki energy. Thus, when you give a treatment you get a treatment!

I am often times asked “aren’t you tired after giving a Reiki treatment ?” My response is “No, it’s quite the opposite,I feel great!” I believe it is this coating of the Reiki Energy which fills me with renewed energy, heightened senses and a sense of wonder and joy at what is all around me.

How could we extend this idea of giving and receiving beyond our Reiki sessions and into our daily lives?  How much more enriched our lives and the lives of others could be!   As we seek balance in our lives lets not forget the universal truth “Give and you shall receive”.

REIKI CHALLENGE: Every day for one week give something. This could be a smile, giving up your place in a long line, a donation to a charity, volunteering your time, Reiki, a prayer. You get the idea. Then be open to and aware of receiving in return.

What have you given? What have you received? How has it made you feel? As you enrich the lives of others has your life been enriched in any way?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Thank You for Being My Teacher


“Thank you for being my teacher” are the words I say after every Reiki attunement I give. I have been saying these words for over twenty years and they are no less sincere than the first time I uttered them. They are words from my heart.

I have come to understand that the best Teachers and Masters are perpetual learners and that each one of my students has something to teach me. This is not only true in my Reiki practice but in life as well and sometimes I find my teachers  in the most unlikely places.

So to all my students and in fact all the people in my life, with deep gratitude I Thank you so very much for being my Teachers!

Where will you find your teacher today? What will you learn?