Reiki is love,
Love is wholeness,
Wholeness is balance,
Balance is well being,
Well being is freedom from disease.


Dr Usui’s Secret Method of Inviting Happiness

invite happiness


This is what Dr Usui told us. “Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant them with your mouth.”

When we recite these principles we are reminded to be mindful in each moment of our day. Dr Usui assures us that if we practice in this way we will invite happiness.

Can something so simple bring happiness? Why not give it a try.

Wishing you Happiness!


Words for Thought: Breathe in Life


When you shift your focus from what is absent to what is present, from what is missing
to what has been given, from what you are not to who you are, from the ravages of linear time to the immediacy of Now, you are reconnecting with love, truth and beauty,
and abundance is yours, effortlessly. For in truth, nothing is lacking where you are,
nothing is missing from the present scene of the movie of your life, and you are forever full, and at the point of completion. The only reason you cannot find Oneness is because you never left. The day is just waiting to be lived. So breathe in life, friend, breathe in life.
– Jeff Foster

Thoughts on Meditation


In ancient meditation instruction, it is said that at the beginning, thoughts will arrive one on top of another, uninterrupted, like a steep mountain waterfall. Gradually, as you perfect meditation, thoughts become like the water in a deep, narrow gorge, then a great river slowly winding its way down to the sea, and finally the mind becomes like a still and placid ocean, ruffled by only the occasional ripple or wave.


Are You Listening ?

“ The first duty of Love is to listen”
Paul Tillich

How can we become better listeners? True listening can be difficult, it requires concentration and takes practice. When we truly listen to someone we listen with our whole being. We are saying “ You are important to me. I truly want to know how you are feeling and what you are thinking. I am with you one hundred percent in this moment”. Isn’t it interesting that the Chinese character for the word listen contains the symbols for the ears, the eyes, undivided attention and the heart. We could translate it as “I give you my ears, my eyes, my undivided attention and my heart. I am listening”.

UnknownThere are benefits to listening in this way:

* conflicts are reduced
* questions are asked, dialogs are started
* learning takes place

I suggest we go further in our listening. During our Reiki sessions lets listen with our intuition and our hands as well. Lets be open to our inner knowing and aware of what we feel under our hands.

Listening with our ears we hear. Listening with our eyes we notice things. Listening with our hearts we feel love and compassion. Listening with our intuition we are guided. Listening with our hands we feel Reiki speaking to us.

Simply Listen