About Me

100_0142Teaching Reiki since 1998

Renee Dean, Master and Teacher, trained in the Usui System of Natural Healing has been teaching Reiki since 1998. She was introduced to Reiki in 1995 when she received her fist Reiki session. “I knew right away that this was something I wanted to learn how to do. The Reiki energy was so beautiful and loving. The thought that I could offer it to others was very appealing.”  Renee received Reiki Level I and II in 1996. A year later she committed to a year long apprenticeship with Reiki Master Kathleen Wilk and in 1998 she completed the Reiki Master/Teacher Level. Renee lives in Cornwall, Vermont with her husband Mark, her horse Partner and her dog Molly. She has her practice at Wellness Massage Center in St Albans, Vermont where she offers individual Reiki sessions, Reiki for animals and teaches Reiki classes. From a bank president in Hawaii to a dancer in London, people from all walks of life have attended Renee’s classes. As a caregiver for seniors and a  hospice volunteer she is able to offer Reiki’s healing touch to the elderly and those at the end of their lives. She has trained other health care practitioners and volunteers to do the same.

My Lineage:
*Dr. Mikao Usui
*Dr. Chujiro Hyashi
*Mrs. Hawayo Takata
*Linda Keiser
*Phyllis Furumoto
*Kathleen Wilk

*Vermont Reiki Association
*Wellness Massage Center – St Albans, Vermont

Community Service:
*Hospice Volunteer Services – Addison County, Vermont

*B.S. Biology, Assumption College

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