Is the Universe Speaking?


“The Universe is speaking to you!” We hear this statement a lot these days. But, does it really speak? What is it saying and are we listening? I’ve found that it seems to be speaking to me quite a bit lately. I’ve started recording it’s most recent message in these photos and it is loud and clear, “Simply LOVE!”

I do believe the Universe speaks to us and in a number of different ways. Often times for me it is through Nature, repetition, and synchronicities. Dreams can be another voice of the Universe. I think if we pay attention we will realize the Universe is constantly trying to engage us in conversation. How much richer, interesting and exciting our lives could be if  we would learn it’s language and simply listen. (see my blog post “Are You Listening” February 25, 2018).

Lately Saint Francis of Assisi has been coming up in a number of random places and ways. It’s speaking to me again! What is it saying? I think I’ll just sit back, be open and let the message unfold.

Oh yes, and “Don’t forget to smile!”


How does the Universe speak to you? Have you been listening? What is it saying to you?


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