Reiki ( pronounced ray-key ) is as old as humanity and perhaps the simplest form of hands on healing. It was given to us in the late 1800s by  Mikao Usui. Reiki is translated as “ Universal Life Force Energy”, referring to  an inexhaustible source of loving, healing energy which permeates the universe. Reiki is conveyed through the hands. Reiki’s purpose can be as specific as to treat an ailment or as broad as to initiate a feeling of well being. Always moving towards balance. Anxiety, fear, stress, confusion and pain can be relieved and replaced by feelings of wellbeing,  comfort and peace. Reiki is as individual as the one receiving it. The degree of healing is not to be determined by the one giving Reiki and is always with the intention of “ the highest healing good for all.” Healing is accomplished; whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, to the extent that it is needed by the individual.